Personal Tax Services

At A Kidoo Tax & Financial Services, we offer a full range of tax preparation and planning services to residents within the GTA.

We believe a professional tax consultant is a good investment.

Canadian income taxes are getting more complex every year.

Investing in a relationship with a professional tax expert will provide benefits on a number of levels, including minimizing your tax liabilities, taking advantage of tax benefits, and reducing the stress of having to ‘know it all’ about your tax return.

How difficult can it be to file your own personal tax return?

The ads from companies who offer tax filing software try to convince us that filing of a personal tax return is simple.

They may be right… if you live alone, own nothing and receive income solely from a single job!

However, if you have a family, income from investments, have debts or own a rental property of business, you probably won’t get the same positive results on your own as you would working with a professional.

At Kidoo Tax & Financial Services, our professional tax advisors are up-to-date with the most current provincial and federal tax information. And, we’ll help you make the best of it.

We help you with the details:

  • Allowable medical expenses
  • Pension income splitting
  • Disability tax credit and related deductions
  • Families with children in college or university
  • Capital gains/losses
  • Estate planning
  • Rental property taxes
  • Financial planning